Statistics is arguable, the art and generally accepted, the science of learning from data. It is a discipline that is concerned with the collection, analysis as well as interpretation of data. it also deals with effective communication as well as the presentation of the results generated from the data. Statistics is the core of quantitative reasoning that is necessary for making progress in sciences including genetics and medicines. it also deals with making important decisions in public policies and business.

Statistics is the subject that has its part in every other discipline on the planet. from a research experiment to medial study or from UN observers to polling organizations, data is generated everywhere and is an integral part of any research or progress humans have ever made. the students of Statistics are the one who will extract, analyze and re-present the results from the data generated for any specific information. For the said reason the subject of Statistics is considered as complex as well as important at the same time. Even those who have an interest in ant another field, the expertise in Statistics can help in making a real difference and a real impact in the field. The subject comes with wide considerations and a broader scope for making money in a professional career.

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