When I go back to my college days, I remember I got stuck on a hectic textbook question. As I recall the effort, I put in to get its answer. The book was Corporate Finance. Struggling to grasp the concept of shareholder equity. Calling friends, diving into the stack of my old notes and what not sigh…

Eventually, my friend Google clicked my brain. Yeah, it worked! I landed on a lavish website with a catchy colour combination and fancy images. The site promised to provide me with the answer if I pay $14 (at that time-2015). I gave a reasonable thought to myself whether I should pay that much? Will the answer justify the amount paid; will it be a scam? Or should I order donuts?


I paid…

About 11 hours later some tutor answered the question, the answer was just fine. So, let me say it, I in fact not only wanted the answer but a step-by-step answer to textbook question. That was totally missing. It was just an answer with no to little explanation. For a long time, I thought, this was too much money for this kind of answer.

Well, I graduated but the idea about coming up with a platform that not only is really low-cost but also it would provide the value for money and step-by-step answers to the students. It would be their step-by-step academic textbook homework help or study guide for their exams, assignments, homework, and much more.

Course Eagle

In the mid of 2017, we came up with courseeagle.com as a homework helper to college & university students with an idea to make an ideal online learning platform that offers reliable homework help with its expert tutorials and study guides while acting as a textsheet alternative in helping students with getting better grades.

Course Eagle was founded with an amazingly simple user interface where a student could simply explore the questions and answers in their respective subject categories or could manually search the question in the search bar. A dedicated page was created where students could see the latest questions and answers posted by Course Eagle study experts.

Years have been passed and the price is not raised. It remained the same as of day one, as per our commitment to inexpensive homework help. We know we all need help with homework.

Well back to CourseEagle, students can purchase step-by-step answers to textbook questions by paying a nominal amount as low as $1.99.

The platform has helped more than 650k students across the globe in this short period of time with more than 1 million questions in its database. The student and teacher’s response is overwhelming. CE covers more than 2700 subjects in business, engineering, math, and science categories.