As every one of us is stuck in this corona pandemic, the official-Unofficial snack all over the world is a sweet, soft loaf, home-baked banana bread. But the actual question is:


banana bread clipart

One good reason could be the old overripe Bananas, turning browner in the fridge as all of us are buying excessive food. The good way is to toss the bananas in the freezer till they stock up and make that sweet loaf to satisfy are homely cravings.

And above all, as everyone in Quarantine is getting caught up in depression and anxiety, Mindful baking can actually help to alleviate anxiety and depression. Mixing the ingredients all together can have a very calming effect on the brain.

simon and banana bread

Baking actually requires a lot of focus and concentration on that rolling and measuring the ingredients and the focus on smell and taste (that secret tongue-lick you take of the raw dough) also help in stress reduction and a tiny bit of happiness. And then there is this added benefit of being rewarded at the end with a loaf of banana bread or that stack of perfectly baked brownies.

So now, whenever you see those bananas get ripped and smell bad, and not very much likely to eat, toss them in a bowl, put some ingredients and toss it in the oven.

After all this sweet talk, my sweet tooth has woken up and I guess its time to make some Banana Bread.

Happy Baking!