Covid-19 has already changed our lives after having global impact with situations like lockdown in the whole world. Although it has hit us hard and changed our lives drastically but this pandemic is also giving us the opportunity to change our working and learning behaviors.

Universities and students switched to remote online learning in this Pandemic. For students, I feel studying alone is not only tough but it’s boring too. It’s a challenge for students to keep their study on track to grab better grades in their study and homework. I would like to share here few pro study tips to students to keep their study streak going in this tough times.


1- Create the correct environment

Every student has their own special spot in campus for focus learning. Similarly, you should try to create same space around yourself in home or visit nearby coffee shop or library to stay focused for your studies.

2- Plan your timetable effectively

Time management is a skill that everyone should master. Kick start your day with the proper plan for your day. For example: you have morning routine of doing breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee before going to school/college in your normal days. Try to start your day with the same old daily practices while allocating proper time slots for your studies or exam preparations.

3- Keep the distractions away

Tech gadgets keep us distracting from our real goal these days. Switched off unnecessary gadgets like mobile phone, laptop or music player while studying at home. I know disconnecting from these things won’t be easy, but there are some apps to be installed on tech gadgets that won’t run restricted apps selected on your devices during your focus learning hours to keep you focus on your work.

4- Make online study group

Without your instructor/expert’s direct help, studying alone is tough especially when you are not in contact with your classmates. To make things simple, you should make focused study groups with specific learning agenda to achieve your learning goals.  Set goals like “How many textbook questions we will solve to this chapter?” or “We will make short notes of difficult concepts of Chapter 2 of Cost Accounting today”. Make sure to choose leader of your group who keep things intact.

5- Be your own teacher

Stuck on something and no one is near to help you out with your problems? Take a break and relax yourself in this navel situation. There is no need to panic. Open your textbook or notes again to revise the concepts and try to understand what the concept is about. In addition to guidance from your textbook or notes, you’ll also find reliable textbook homework help with course eagle study experts.


Although studying from home is tiresome. Don’t give up on your studies. It is absolutely possible to excel in your studies by learning from home with the help of above mentioned study tips.