It always brings discomfort to you, you feel depressed, shivering, nausea, vomit and even diarrhea. An over thinking is very normal. For some the whole world is going upside down, until they appear in it. For some the results are obvious and they usually have concluded it before even appearing.


We are not talking about any illness, yet its not less than an illness as per the symptoms. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE TEST ANXIETY. We all go through this anxiety at some point in our life. So here are some tips to avoid it.


Be Mindful

 Practiced since the ancient times is a strategy, we call mindfulness. It does wonders. You put a brief focus on a subject, going in details and learning every possible concept. Avoiding the consequences and results of the preparation, kicking out all distractions and source of stress out of mind, deliberately. This will allow you to focus on what you are preparing.


Don’t be a Perfectionist

A brief concept is better than sticking on one and becoming the perfectionist. Sticking on one thing will kill your time and it isn’t smart at all. Remember a perfectionist rarely completes his/her task.


Seek Help

Seeking help from a friend, instructor or a family member is a great idea if you feel stuck at some concept or question. This will save your time. You can seek online help as well to get your concepts digested. Online help is an instant way to get your grip over what your are preparing, and Course Eagle is one of the best source.


Take Breaks

 Taking breaks during the preparations will help you a lot. The breaks makes you digest the core and tricky concepts. Taking too long breaks would kill the time so the times for breaks should be planned earlier.


Eat and sleep well

 Taking a good night sleep before appearing in the test next day, the sleep will help your brain to be organized and process information in a flow during the test. After a good sleep comes a breakfast that is rich in nutrients. Such breakfast will keep your energy levels high. (Avoid sugar high food or liquids)


Relax and Go with the Flow

 Appearing in the test with a relaxed mind would help you a lot. You need to calm down, take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths controls the blood flow. Go for the questions that appears the easiest or you believe you have well prepared. These tips will help you to get over your test anxiety.