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Question: 1. On October 15, the firm made

1. On October 15, the firm made a deposit through EFTPS for the federal income tax withheld and the FICA tax (both employees’ withholding and employer’s matching portion). Based on your computations in Problem 11.2B, record the issuance of the check in general journal form. Use journal page 31.
2. Complete Form 941 in accordance with the discussions in this chapter and the instructions on the form. Use a 12.4 percent social security rate and a 2.9 percent Medicare rate in computations. Use the following address for the company: 12001 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90650. The firm’s phone number is 562-860-5451. Use 75-5555555 as the employer identification number. Date the return October 31, 20X1.
Analyze: What total taxes were deposited with the IRS for the quarter ended September 30, 20X1?


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