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Question: Dennison agreed to purchase land from Harden

Dennison agreed to purchase land from Harden with the understanding that the land contained fruit trees. To prove that there were fruit trees on the property, Harden provided nursery reports stating that Pacific Gold peach trees were growing on the land. When Dennison discovered that the land contained valueless, shrubby trees and only a few of the fruit trees he had been expecting, he sued, charging breach of contract. At the trial, Dennison wanted to introduce the nursery reports as parol evidence to clarify the meaning of the “fruit trees” referred to in the contract. Harden resisted having the nursery report introduced to clarify the contract. Was Dennison successful in his attempt to clarify the contract by adding the terms “fruit trees,” or did Dennison get what he agreed to buy? [Dennison v. Harden, 186 P.2d 908 (Washington)]
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