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Question: Dr. Tarun Gupta, a Michigan vet, is

Dr. Tarun Gupta, a Michigan vet, is running a rabies vaccination clinic for dogs at the local grade school. Tarun can “shoot” a dog every 3 minutes. It is estimated that the dogs will arrive independently and randomly throughout the day at a rate of one dog every 6 minutes according to a Poisson distribution.
Also assume that Tarun’s shooting times are negative exponentially distributed. Compute the following:
a) The probability that Tarun is idle.
b) The proportion of the time that Tarun is busy.
c) The average number of dogs being vaccinated and waiting to be vaccinated.
d) The average number of dogs waiting to be vaccinated.
e) The average time a dog waits before getting vaccinated.
f) The average amount of time a dog spends waiting in line and being vaccinated.


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