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Question: Gilder entered a parking garage enclosed within

Gilder entered a parking garage enclosed within the Washington Hilton Hotel, where he was directed to a parking space by an attendant. Some of the spaces were designated for park-and-lock and others were not. He locked the car and kept the keys. When Gilder had entered the garage, he saw a number of employees: a manager, a cashier, and three attendants. After Gilder parked his car, he opened the trunk in plain view of a group of employees, placed his friend’s cosmetic bag in it, and locked the trunk. Upon his return, he found the trunk lid damaged from being pried open. Gilder brought suit, charging the garage with failure to provide adequate care. On appeal, the garage denied responsibility, claiming that there was no bailment. Did a bailment exist, and is the garage responsible? [Parking Management, Inc. v. Mark Gilder, 343 A.2d 51 (District of Columbia)]
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