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Question: Identify these events in Exercise 4.4. (

Identify these events in Exercise 4.4.
(a) Not more than one correct identification.
(b) Less accidents than last year.
(c) Longer than the 90-day warranty but less than 425.4 days.

Data from Exercise 4.4:
Construct a sample space for each of the following experiments.
(a) Someone claims to be able to taste the difference between the same brand of bottled, tap, and canned draft beer. A glass of each is poured and given to the subject in an unknown order. The subject is asked to identify the contents of each glass. The number of correct identifications will be recorded.
(b) Record the number of traffic fatalities in a state next year.
(c) Observe the length of time a new digital video recorder will continue to work satisfactorily without service.
Which of these sample spaces are discrete and which are continuous?


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