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Question: In 2020, the City of Coyote receives

In 2020, the City of Coyote receives a $320,000 cash grant from the state to reduce air pollution. Although a special revenue fund could have been set up, the money remains in the general fund. The cash was received immediately but will have to be returned if the city does not lower its air pollution by 25 percent by 2024. On December 31, 2020, Coyote spends $210,000 of the money for a large machine to help begin the process of reducing air pollution. City officials expect the machine to last for five years. The city recorded the cost as an expenditure in the general fund but as an asset on the government-wide financial statements, where it was depreciated based on the straight-line method and the half-year convention. Because the city received the money, it recorded all $320,000 as a revenue on both the fund and the government-wide financial statements.
a. What was the correct change for 2020 in the total fund balance reported by the general fund?
b. What was the correct overall change in the net position reported on the government-wide financial statements?


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