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Question: Michelle pays $120,000 cash for Brittany’

Michelle pays $120,000 cash for Brittany’s one-third interest in the Westlake Partnership. Just prior to the sale, Brittany’s basis in Westlake is $96,000. Westlake reports the following Balance Sheet:

a. What is the amount and character of Brittany’s recognized gain or loss on the sale?
b. What is Michelle’s basis in her partnership interest? What is Michelle’s inside basis?
c. If Westlake were to sell the land for $264,000 shortly after the sale of Brittany’s partnership interest, how much gain or loss would the partnership recognize?
d. How much gain or loss would Michelle recognize?
e. Suppose Westlake has a §754 election in place. What is Michelle’s special basis adjustment? How much gain or loss would Michelle recognize on a subsequent sale of the land in this situation?

Transcribed Image Text:

Tax Basis S 96,000 Assets: FMV S 96,000 Cash Land 192,000 S 288.000 264,000 $ 360.000 Totals Liabilities and capital: Capital - Amy - Brittany - Ben 96,000 96,000 96,000 S 288.000 Totals


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