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Question: Milani, Inc., acquired 10 percent of Seida

Milani, Inc., acquired 10 percent of Seida Corporation on January 1, 2020, for $190,000 and appropriately accounted for the investment using the fair-value method. On January 1, 2021, Milani purchased an additional 30 percent of Seida for $600,000 which resulted in significant influence over Seida. On that date, the fair value of Seida’s common stock was $2,000,000 in total. Seida’s January 1, 2021, book value equaled $1,850,000, although land was undervalued by $120,000. Any additional excess fair value over Seida’s book value was attributable to a trade- mark with an eight-year remaining life. During 2021, Seida reported income of $300,000 and declared and paid dividends of $110,000. Prepare the 2021 journal entries for Milani related to its investment in Seida.


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