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Question: Purple Feet Wine, Inc., receives an average

Purple Feet Wine, Inc., receives an average of $18,600 in checks per day. The delay in clearing is typically three days. The current interest rate is .017 percent per day.
a. What is the company’s float?
b. What is the most the company should be willing to pay today to eliminate its float entirely?
c. What is the highest daily fee the company should be willing to pay to eliminate its float entirely?

> You have been hired to value a new 30-year callable, convertible bond. The bond has a coupon rate of 2.3 percent, payable semiannually, and its face value is $1,000. The conversion price is $49, and the stock currently sells for $38. a. What is the minim

> T-bills currently yield 3.4 percent. Stock in Deadwood Manufacturing is currently selling for $67 per share. There is no possibility that the stock will be worth less than $60 per share in one year. a. What is the value of a call option with a $55 exerci

> This is a comprehensive project evaluation problem bringing together much of what you have learned in this and previous chapters. Suppose you have been hired as a financial consultant to Defense Electronics, Inc. (DEI), a large, publicly traded firm that

> Refer to Table 23.1 in the text to answer this question. Suppose your firm produces breakfast cereal and needs 165,000 bushels of corn in December 2020 for an upcoming promotion. You would like to lock in your costs today because you are concerned that c

> Suppose your company has a building worth $125 million. Because it is located in a high-risk area for natural disasters, the probability of a total loss in any particular year is 1.05 percent. What is your company’s expected loss per year on this buildin

> Refer to Table 23.2 in the text to answer this question. Suppose you purchase the July 2020 put option on corn futures with a strike price of $3.25. Assume your purchase was at the last price. What is the total cost? Suppose the price of corn futures is

> Refer to Table 23.2 in the text to answer this question. Suppose you purchase the July 2020 call option on corn futures with a strike price of $3.25. Assume you purchased the option at the last price. How much does your option cost per bushel of corn? Wh

> Refer to Table 23.1 in the text to answer this question. Suppose you sell five July 2020 silver futures contracts this day at the last price of the day. What will your profit or loss be if silver prices turn out to be $17.68 per ounce at expiration? What

> Refer to Table 23.1 in the text to answer this question. Suppose you purchase a September 2020 cocoa futures contract this day at the last price of the day. What will your profit or loss be if cocoa prices turn out to be $2,308 per metric ton at expirati

> Suppose your company imports computer motherboards from Singapore. The exchange rate is given in Figure 21.1. You have just placed an order for 30,000 motherboards at a cost to you of 218.50 Singapore dollars each. You will pay for the shipment when it a

> Suppose the current exchange rate for the Polish zloty is Z 3.91. The expected exchange rate in three years is Z 3.98. What is the difference in the annual inflation rates for the United States and Poland over this period? Assume that the anticipated rat

> The treasurer of a major U.S. firm has $30 million to invest for three months. The interest rate in the United States is .15 percent per month. The interest rate in Great Britain is .26 percent per month. The spot exchange rate is £.813, and the three-mo

> Suppose the Japanese yen exchange rate is ¥116 = $1, and the British pound exchange rate is £1 = $1.27. a. What is the cross-rate in terms of yen per pound? b. Suppose the cross-rate is ¥156 = £1. Is there an arbitrage opportunity here? If there is, expl

> Chauhan Corp. has a debt-equity ratio of .65. The company is considering a new plant that will cost $55 million to build. When the company issues new equity, it incurs a flotation cost of 6 percent. The flotation cost on new debt is 2.4 percent. What is

> Suppose the spot exchange rate for the Canadian dollar is Can$1.34 and the six-month forward rate is Can$1.41. a. Which is worth more, a U.S. dollar or a Canadian dollar? b. Assuming absolute PPP holds, what is the cost in the United States of an Elkhead

> In Problem 16, assume the equity increases by 1,250 solaris due to retained earnings. If the exchange rate at the end of the year is 1.54 solaris per dollar, what does the balance sheet look like? Problem 16: Atreides International has operations in Arr

> Atreides International has operations in Arrakis. The balance sheet for this division in Arrakeen solaris shows assets of 39,000 solaris, debt in the amount of 11,000 solaris, and equity of 28,000 solaris. a. If the current exchange ratio is 1.50 solaris

> You are evaluating a proposed expansion of an existing subsidiary located in Switzerland. The cost of the expansion would be SF 13.8 million. The cash flows from the project would be SF 4.1 million per year for the next five years. The dollar required re

> Lakonishok Equipment has an investment opportunity in Europe. The project costs €9.5 million and is expected to produce cash flows of €1.6 million in Year 1, €2.1 million in Year 2, and €3.2 million in Year 3. The current spot exchange rate is €.94/$ and

> Suppose the spot exchange rate for the Hungarian forint is HUF 308.27. The inflation rate in the United States will be 2.6 percent per year. It will be 4.5 percent in Hungary. What do you predict the exchange rate will be in one year? In two years? In fi

> Suppose the spot and three-month forward rates for the yen are ¥114.37 and ¥113.89, respectively. a. Is the yen expected to get stronger or weaker? b. What would you estimate is the difference between the annual inflation rates of the United States and J

> You observe that the inflation rate in the United States is 2.6 percent per year and that T-bills currently yield 3.2 percent annually. Using the approximate international Fisher effect, what do you estimate the inflation rate to be in: a. Australia, if

> Suppose the spot and six-month forward rates on the Norwegian krone are Kr 9.14 and Kr 9.27, respectively. The annual riskfree rate in the United States is 3.8 percent, and the annual risk-free rate in Norway is 5.7 percent. a. Is there an arbitrage oppo

> Air Spares is a wholesaler that stocks engine components and test equipment for the commercial aircraft industry. A new customer has placed an order for eight high-bypass turbine engines, which increase fuel economy. The variable cost is $1.325 million p

> Suppose you observe the following situation: a. Calculate the expected return on each stock. b. Assuming the capital asset pricing model holds and Stock A’s beta is greater than Stock B’s beta by .35, what is the exp

> The Paa Ko Corporation sells on credit terms of net 30. Its accounts are, on average, four days past due. If annual credit sales are $7.2 million, what is the company’s balance sheet amount in accounts receivable?

> Essence of Skunk Fragrances, Ltd., sells 9,300 units of its perfume collection each year at a price per unit of $415. All sales are on credit with terms of 1/10, net 40. The discount is taken by 45 percent of the customers. What is the amount of the comp

> Benton, Inc., has an average collection period of 24 days. Its average daily investment in receivables is $49,300. What are annual credit sales? What is the receivables turnover? Assume 365 days per year.

> Sweetens Cove, Inc., has weekly credit sales of $23,400, and the average collection period is 31 days. What is the average accounts receivable figure?

> Kyoto Joe, Inc., sells earnings forecasts for Japanese securities. Its credit terms are 2/10, net 30. Based on experience, 65 percent of all customers will take the discount. a. What is the average collection period for the company? b. If the company s

> In Problem 21, assume that the probability of default is 15 percent. Should the orders be filled now? Assume the number of repeat customers is affected by the defaults. In other words, 30 percent of the customers who do not default are expected to be rep

> Solar Engines manufactures solar engines for tractor-trailers. Given the fuel savings available, new orders for 125 units have been made by customers requesting credit. The variable cost is $14,800 per unit, and the credit price is $16,100 each. Credit i

> The Caccamisse Corporation has annual sales of $29 million. The average collection period is 34 days. What is the average investment in accounts receivable as shown on the balance sheet? Assume 365 days per year.

> In Problem 15, what is the break-even price per unit under the new credit policy? Assume all other values remain the same. Problem 15: Fitzgerald, Inc., currently has an all-cash credit policy. It is considering making a change in the credit policy by g

> In Problem 14, what is the break-even quantity for the new credit policy? Problem 14: The Branson Corporation is considering a change in its cash-only policy. The new terms would be net one period. Based on the following information, determine if the co

> Suppose you observe the following situation: Assume these securities are correctly priced. Based on the CAPM, what is the expected return on the market? What is the risk-free rate?

> Fitzgerald, Inc., currently has an all-cash credit policy. It is considering making a change in the credit policy by going to terms of net 30 days. Based on the following information, what do you recommend? The required return is .85 percent per month.

> The Branson Corporation is considering a change in its cash-only policy. The new terms would be net one period. Based on the following information, determine if the company should proceed or not. The required return is 2.3 percent per period.

> The Trektronics store begins each week with 380 phasers in stock. This stock is depleted each week and reordered. If the carrying cost per phaser is $31 per year and the fixed order cost is $325, what is the total carrying cost? What is the restocking co

> Queen Manufacturing uses 3,900 switch assemblies per week and then reorders another 3,900. If the relevant carrying cost per switch assembly is $6.25, and the fixed order cost is $1,400, is the company’s inventory policy optimal? Why or why not?

> Red Hawk, Inc., is considering a change in its cash-only sales policy. The new terms of sale would be net one month. Based on the following information, determine if the company should proceed or not. Describe the buildup of receivables in this case. The

> You place an order for 250 units of inventory at a unit price of $190. The supplier offers terms of 1/10, net 30. a. How long do you have to pay before the account is overdue? If you take the full period, how much should you remit? b. What is the disco

> Every two weeks, No More Pencils, Inc., disburses checks that average $124,000 and take seven days to clear. How much interest can the company earn annually if it delays transfer of funds from an interest-bearing account that pays .009 percent per day fo

> It takes Cookie Cutter Modular Homes, Inc., about six days to receive and deposit checks from customers. The company’s management is considering a lockbox system to reduce the firm’s collection times. It is expected that the lockbox system will reduce re

> Paper Submarine Manufacturing is investigating a lockbox system to reduce its collection time. It has determined the following: Average number of payments per day …………………………………………. 435 Average value of payment ………………………………………………………… $845 Variable lockb

> A mail-order firm processes 5,800 checks per month. Of these, 60 percent are for $49 and 40 percent are for $84. The $49 checks are delayed two days on average; the $84 checks are delayed three days on average. Assume 30 days in a month. a. What is the a

> Consider the following information about Stocks I and II: The market risk premium is 7 percent, and the risk-free rate is 3.5 percent. Which stock has the most systematic risk? Which one has the most unsystematic risk? Which stock is â€&#156

> Your firm has an average receipt size of $135. A bank has approached you concerning a lockbox service that will decrease your total collection time by two days. You typically receive 4,900 checks per day. The daily interest rate is .016 percent. If the b

> Your neighbor goes to the post office once a month and picks up two checks, one for $8,450 and one for $4,200. The larger check takes four days to clear after it is deposited; the smaller one takes three days. Assume 30 days in a month. a. What is the to

> Each business day, on average, a company writes checks totaling $19,500 to pay its suppliers. The usual clearing time for the checks is four days. Meanwhile, the company is receiving payments from its customers each day in the form of checks totaling $24

> Bird’s Eye Treehouses, Inc., a Kentucky company, has determined that a majority of its customers are located in the Pennsylvania area. It therefore is considering using a lockbox system offered by a bank located in Pittsburgh. The bank has estimated that

> No More Books Corporation has an agreement with Floyd Bank whereby the bank handles $3.4 million in collections per day and requires a $320,000 compensating balance. No More Books is contemplating canceling the agreement and dividing its eastern region s

> In a typical month, the Montrose Corporation receives 90 checks totaling $85,000. These are delayed four days on average. What is the average daily float? Assume 30 days in a month.

> The Bandon Pine Corporation’s purchases from suppliers in a quarter are equal to 75 percent of the next quarter’s forecast sales. The payables period is 60 days. Wages, taxes, and other expenses are 20 percent of sales

> Sexton Corp. has projected the following sales for the coming year: Sales in the year following this one are projected to be 15 percent greater in each quarter. a. Calculate payments to suppliers assuming that the company places orders during each quar

> Your firm has an average collection period of 38 days. Current practice is to factor all receivables immediately at a discount of 1.75 percent. What is the effective cost of borrowing in this case? Assume that default is extremely unlikely.

> You have $100,000 to invest in a portfolio containing Stock X and Stock Y. Your goal is to create a portfolio that has an expected return of 12.1 percent. If Stock X has an expected return of 10.28 percent and a beta of 1.20, and Stock Y has an expected

> Asset W has an expected return of 8.8 percent and a beta of .90. If the risk-free rate is 2.6 percent, complete the following table for portfolios of Asset W and a risk-free asset. Illustrate the relationship between portfolio expected return and portfol

> Timothy Stange was twelve years old when his doctor prescribed Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug, to treat his Tourette’s syndrome. Stange subsequently developed female breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia. Surgery successfully removed Stange’s brea

> Kentucky Lottery Corporation (the Lottery) operates the state’s lottery. In one of the Lottery’s contests, a scratch-off ticket that revealed a “Final Top Prize” symbol could be entered into an online drawing to win $175,000. Individuals could register f

> Watson Laboratories, Inc., makes generic drugs, which are provided by pharmacies to Medicaid patients. In the state of Mississippi, a claim is submitted for the cost of the drug to Mississippi Medicaid. The claim is paid according to a percentage of the

> Twenty-First Century Bean Processing hired Anthony Lewis, a forty-seven-year-old African American male, for a warehouse position, subject to a thirty-day probationary period. At the end of the period, Twenty-First Century evaluated Lewis’s performance to

> Klipsch Group, Inc., makes sound equipment, including headphones. Klipsch filed a suit in a federal district court against ePRO E-Commerce Limited, a Chinese corporation. Klipsch alleged that ePRO had sold $5 million in counterfeit Klipsch products. ePRO

> South Dakota wants its citizens to conserve energy. To help reduce consumer consumption of electricity, the state passes a law that bans all advertising by power utilities within the state. What argument could the power utilities use as a defense to the

> One August morning, around 6:30 a.m., a fire occurred at Ray and Christine Nixon’s home in West Monroe, Louisiana, while the Nixons were inside the home. The Nixons told Detective Gary Gilley of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department that they believed

> Jason Smathers, an employee of America Online (AOL), misappropriated an AOL customer list with 92 million screen names. He sold the list for $28,000 to Sean Dunaway, who sold it to Braden Bournival. Bournival used it to send AOL customers more than 3 bil

> Eagle Corporation began marketing software under the mark “Eagle.” Ten years later, Eagle.com, Inc., a different company selling different products, begins to use eagle as part of its URL and registers it as a domain name. Can Eagle Corporation stop this

> Hanjuan Jin, a citizen of China, worked as a software engineer for Motorola for many years in a division that created proprietary standards for cellular communications. Contrary to Motorola’s policies, Jin also secretly began working as a consultant for

> The following situations are similar, but each represents a variation of a particular crime. Identify the crime involved in each of the following situations. (See Cyber Crime.) (a) Chen, posing fraudulently as being from Centell, the provider of Emily’s

> In Texas, Chigger Ridge Ranch, L.P., operated a 700-acre commercial hunting area called Coyote Crossing Ranch (CCR). Chigger Ridge leased CCR and its assets for twelve months to George Briscoe’s company, VPW Management, LLC. The lease identified all of t

> Brandy Austin used powdered infant formula manufactured by Nestlé USA, Inc., to feed her infant daughter. Austin claimed that a can of the formula was contaminated with Enterobacter sakazakii bacteria, causing severe injury to the infant. The bacteria ca

> Cybercrime costs consumers billions of dollars per year, and it costs businesses, including banks and other credit-card issuers, even more. Nonetheless, when cyber criminals are caught and convicted, they are rarely ordered to pay restitution or sentence

> Finjan, Inc., owns a patent—U.S. Patent No. 7,418,731, or “the ‘731 patent”—for a system and method that provide computer security from malicious software embedded in websites on the Internet. The system consists of a gateway that compares security profi

> The first group will outline Pfizer’s ethical responsibility under the corporate social responsibility doctrine. To whom does Pfizer owe duties? (b) The second group will formulate an argument on behalf of Pfizer that the company has not breached any of

> Assume that you are Dickman’s supervisor and have been informed that she is frequently away from her desk and often makes personal phone calls. The first step of using the IDDR method is inquiry, so you start asking questions. Several people tell you tha

> Jonathan Martin, an offensive lineman with the Miami Dolphins, abruptly quit the team and checked himself into a hospital seeking psychological treatment. Later, he explained that he left because of persistent taunting from other Dolphins players. The Na

> Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. sold a ceramic pot, called the “FireBurners” Pot, with a stainless steel fuel reservoir at its center and a bottle of gelled fuel called “FireGel.” A red sticker on the fire pot warned, “DON’T REFILL UNTIL FLAME IS OUT & CUP IS COO

> Mitsui Bank hired Ross Duncan as a branch manager in one of its Southern California locations. At that time, Duncan received an employee handbook informing him that Mitsui would review his performance and salary level annually. Mitsui later decided to cr

> How many U.S. residents have not heard of the pain relief drug Aleve? Not many, because the product is so heavily advertised. The same could be said about the painkiller Flanax in Mexico. In fact, Aleve and Flanax are the same drug, owned by the same com

> Pfizer, Inc., developed a new antibiotic called Trovan (trovafloxacinmesylate). Tests in animals showed that Trovan had life-threatening side effects, including joint disease, abnormal cartilage growth, liver damage, and a degenerative bone condition. Pf

> The acronym LoL generally means “laugh out loud.” But when it comes to the popular online video game League of Legends owned by Riot Games, Inc., LoL means something much different. More than 100 million people use this free multiplayer video game online

> An animal rights activist who worked at an Idaho dairy farm secretly filmed ongoing animal abuse. After being posted online, the film attracted national attention. The dairy owner fired the abusive employees, established a code of conduct, and undertook

> Social media have become the predominant means by which many Americans communicate, obtain news updates, and discover what is “trending.” At least one state, though, legislated a ban on the use of social media by convicted sex offenders. One of them chos

> Health Care Solutions Network, Inc. (HCSN), operated mental health centers to provide psychiatric therapy. HCSN organized its business around procuring, retaining, and readmitting patients to maximize billing potential, without respect to their health ne

> Lou Sisuphan was the director of finance at a Toyota dealership. His responsibilities included managing the financing contracts for vehicle sales and working with lenders to obtain payments. Sisuphan complained repeatedly to management about the performa

> David Bogenberger attended a pledge event at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house at Northern Illinois University (NIU). The NIU chapter officers planned an evening of hazing, during which the pledges were required to consume vodka provided by the members

> Heather Reasonover opted to try Internet service from Clearwire Corp. Clearwire sent her a confirmation e-mail and a modem. When Reasonover plugged in the modem, an “I accept terms” box appeared. Without clicking on the box, Reasonover quit the page. She

> The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington is a fraternal association incorporated in the state of Washington. The Grand Lodge Constitution provides that the Grand Master “shall decide all questions of . . . Masonic law.” Grand Master Gregory Wraggs suspe

> Airbnb, Inc., maintains a website that lists, advertises, and takes fees or commissions for property rentals posted on the site. To offer or book accommodations on the site, a party must register and create an account. The sign-up screen states, “By clic

> While replacing screws in a gutter, John Baugh fell off a ladder and landed headfirst on his concrete drive way. He sustained a severe brain injury, which permanently limited his ability to perform routine physical and intellectual functions. He filed a

> The first group will take the position of the manufacturer and develop an argument for why the court should grant the summary judgment motion and dismiss the strict product liability claim. (b) The second group will take the position of D’Auguste and fo

> Bentley Bay Retail, LLC, filed a suit in a Florida state court against Soho Bay Restaurant, LLC, and against its corporate officers, Luiz and Karine Queiroz, in their individual capacities. Bentley Bay claimed that the Queirozes had breached their person

> Wandering Dago, Inc. (WD), operates a food truck in Albany, New York. WD brands itself and the food it sells with language generally viewed as ethnic slurs. Owners Andrea Loguidice and Brandon Snooks, however, view the branding as giving a “nod to their

> Sandra White operated a travel agency. To obtain lower airline fares for her nonmilitary clients, she booked military-rate travel by forwarding fake military identification cards to the airlines. The government charged White with identity theft, which re

> Assume that you want to read the entire court opinion in the case of Ryan Data Exchange, Ltd. v. Graco, Inc., 913 F.3d 726 (8th Cir. 2019). Refer to the subsection entitled “Finding Case Law” in this chapter, and then explain specifically where you would

> Nearly every digital device today takes photos and videos at virtually no cost. Software allows the recording of conversations via Skype. Many couples immortalize their “private moments” using such digital devices. One partner may take a racy selfie and

> Vanity Fair contributing editor and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald has epilepsy, and he writes about his battle with the disease on occasion. For many suffering from this illness, strobe lights can spark seizures. For instance, a Pokémon episode

> Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, in a recent decision involving Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, ruled that, “What we can decide, we can undecided. But stare decisis teaches that we should exercise that authority sparingly.” Citing a Spider-Man comic book, s

> In 1949, Hasbro, Inc.—then known as the Milton Bradley Company— published its first version of Candy Land, a children’s board game. Hasbro is the owner of the trademark “Candy Land,” which has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sin

> To recruit and retain managers for its restaurants, Panera Bread Company created a program under which managers were eligible to receive a one-time bonus. A manager who signed an agreement to participate in the program would be paid the bonus five years


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