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Question: Refer to Exercise 4.32. Corresponding to

Refer to Exercise 4.32. Corresponding to each verbal description given here, write the event in set notation, give its composition, and find its probability.
(a) C does not occur.
(b) Both A and B occur.
(c) A occurs and B does not occur.
(d) Neither A nor C occurs.

Data from Exercise 4.32:
A sample space consists of 8 elementary outcomes with the following probabilities.
P(e1) = .07 P(e2) = P(e3) = P(e4) = .11
P(e5) = P (e6) = P (e7) = P (e8) = .15
Three events are given as
A { e1, e2 , e6 , e7 },
B { e2, e3, e7 ), and C = {e6 , e8).
(a) Draw a Venn diagram and show these events.
(b) Give the composition and determine the probability of
(i) B¯ (ii) BC (iii) A U C (iv) A¯ U C.


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