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Question: Ten years ago, Xio and Xandra each

Ten years ago, Xio and Xandra each invested $300,000 to create Xava Corporation. Xava develops and manufactures rock climbing and bungee jumping equipment. The business has become very profitable (it now is valued at $3 million), and Xandra would like to cash out the profits and sell the business. Xio, however, want5 to reinvest the profits and expand the business into ice diving.
Because they have different expectations, Xio and Xandra agree that the best solution is to divide up the company. Xandra will receive the bungee division; Xio, the rock cl imbing. After the reorgani zation, Xandra sells her stock in the bungee division for $1.5 million at the beginning of the current year. Xio retains her ownership of the rock climbing division.
a. What type of reorganization would be used to divide Xava Corporation between Xio and Xandra?
b. Xio sells the rock climbing stock for $2 million at the end of six years. Using a 7% discount factor, determine whether Xandra or Xio n1ade a better decision. Assume a 20% tax rate on long-term capital gains.