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Question: The City of Edmond, Oklahoma, uses the

The City of Edmond, Oklahoma, uses the Crawford Performeter® as a Financial Analysis tool and presents the results of this analysis in its Managements’s Discussion and Analysis in the annual audited Financial Statements. For the year ended June 30, 2006, values for the following indicators were presented for the city as a whole:

a. Use Illustration 10–7 in the text and assign a rating to each of the ratios provided, calculate a
score using the suggested weights provided, and compute an overall rating of the financial health and performance of this city for FY 2006.
b. Describe in your own words whether this city is in good or bad shape based on these indicators. Do the ratios point to areas to which the city should pay particular attention in the future?
c. What other information would you find useful in analyzing the financial performance of this city for this year?

Transcribed Image Text:

Performeter Rating Computation for 2006 Benchmark Rating: 10 5 Unrestricted net assets as a percentage of annual revenue Percentage of assets funded with outstanding debt Change in net assets Interperiod Equity-percentage of current year expenses funded by current year revenues 50% 30% 32% <10% 50% 40% 10% 0% 14% 100% 95% 129%


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