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Question: Wall parked his car in the parking

Wall parked his car in the parking lot at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. After he received a parking ticket from a ticket-dispensing machine, an automatic gate was raised and he entered the lot and parked his car in a space of his choosing. On the reverse side of the parking ticket was printed, “This is a lease of parking space only and not a bailment.” When he returned the next day, he discovered that his car was missing and was presumed stolen. The car was later found, but it had been extensively damaged by the thieves. Wall brought suit for $1,846, claiming that a bailment existed and that the parking lot operator was responsible. Did a bailment exist, and is the parking lot operator responsible for Wall’s loss? [Clifford L. Wall et al. v. Airport Parking Company of Chicago, 244 N.E.2d 190 (Illinois)]
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