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Question: Weaver, a high school dropout, leased a

Weaver, a high school dropout, leased a gas station from American Oil Company and signed a standard agreement prepared by the oil company’s lawyers. The lease (contract) contained a clause in fine print that provided that the oil company would not be liable for any injury occurring on the premises regardless of fault. No one representing the oil company called Weaver’s attention to the clause or explained it to him. In addition, the lease provided that Weaver would have to pay American Oil for any loss or damages, even if they resulted from the oil company’s negligence. An employee of the oil company spilled gasoline on Weaver and his assistant, causing them to be burned and injured. The oil company brought an action seeking to be relieved of liability for the injury and to have Weaver held liable for any damages to the assistant. Will the contract provision for Weaver being held liable be enforced? [Weaver v. American Oil Co., 276 N.E.2d 144 (Indiana)]
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