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Question: What is your overall perspective on CSR

What is your overall perspective on CSR after reviewing this chapter? If market forces do not encourage responsibility for social causes should a firm engage in this behavior? Does social responsibility apply only to firms or do consumers have a responsibility as well to support firms that take socially responsible action and withhold our support from firms that fail to exhibit socially responsible behavior? If we stand by and allow irresponsible actions to take place using profits made on our purchases do we bear any responsibility?
• How did you reach your decision? What key facts do you need to know in order to judge a firm’s actions or your complicity in them by supporting a firm with your purchases or other choices?
• How do you determine responsibility? Do you pay attention to these issues in your purchases and other choices?
• Would you be more likely to support a company by purchasing its products or services if the company
(a) donated a portion of the proceeds to a cause that was important to you;
(b) paid its workers a “fair” wage (however you would define that concept); or
(c) was a good investment for its stockholders? Which consequence is more influential to you? On the contrary would you refrain from purchasing from a firm that failed in any of those areas?
• How do the alternatives compare? Do you believe different purchasing decisions by consumers could really make a difference?


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