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Question: Williamson owned and operated a restaurant named

Williamson owned and operated a restaurant named Plum Pudding. His restaurant had a difficult time competing with Green Apple Snak Shoppe, located across the street. It seemed that whenever Plum Pudding offered a new special price on a particular meal, its competitor met the price and offered some other inducement as well. As a last desperate effort to remain in business, Williamson hired a “torch” to set fire to the Green Apple. Just as the hired criminal had finished his work, he was apprehended by an off-duty police officer. The hired “torch” admitted his guilt and implicated Williamson.
a. Would Williamson be charged with arson?
b. Would the hired “torch” be charged with arson?
c. Is it likely that Green Apple’s insurance would pay for the damage?
d. Is this an example of the crime of extortion?


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