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Question: Forell, a resident of Des Moines, purchased

Forell, a resident of Des Moines, purchased a nearly new Buick automobile from a seller in Cleveland for the unusually low price of $4,000. The seller explained that he was in town to take delivery of another automobile that he had just inherited from his late father. The seller produced a certificate of title. After Forell had possession of the Buick for several months, he sold it to Bates for $3,800. After Bates had driven the car for two months, he was stopped by the police for a minor traffic violation. When the police routinely checked the vehicle identification number through their computer, it was discovered that the car had been stolen from Santiago in Cleveland and that the certificate of title was forged. When Santiago learned that his car had been located, he claimed ownership.
a. Will Santiago be able to recover his automobile?
b. Will the certificate of title Forell obtained from the out-of-town seller entitle him to ownership?
c. Was Forell a good-faith purchaser?


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