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Question: Rogan, who had worked for eight years

Rogan, who had worked for eight years as an electrician’s helper, tried several times to pass the state-required electrician’s test, but he failed each time. Still, he felt that he knew enough about his trade that he could perform the work of an electrician and accepted several jobs that required a fully licensed electrician. Nooney hired Rogan to install the wiring in a room addition. Just as Rogan was beginning work, Nooney learned that Rogan did not have a valid electrician’s license and canceled the contract. Rogan claimed that he should be paid anyway because he turned down other employment elsewhere to accept Nooney’s work.
a. Is the contract between Nooney and Rogan enforceable?
b. Does it seem that Rogan should be paid for the work he and Nooney agreed he would do?
c. Is Nooney partly to blame because he failed to ask to see Rogan’s license?


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