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Question: A recent PwC survey of 1,379

A recent PwC survey of 1,379 CEOs from a wide range of industries representing a mix of company sizes from Asia, Europe, and the Americas indicated that CEOs are firmly convinced that it is harder to gain and retain people’s trust in an increasingly digitalized world (pwc.to/2jFLzjF). Fifty-eight percent of CEOs are worried that lack of trust in business would harm their company’s growth. Which risks arising from connectivity concern CEOs most? Eighty-seven percent believe that social media could have a negative impact on the level of trust in their industry over the next few years. But they also say new dangers are emerging and old ones are getting worse as new technologies and new uses of existing technologies increase rapidly. CEOs are particularly anxious about breaches in data security and ethics and IT outages and disruptions. A vast majority of CEOs are already taking steps to address these concerns, with larger-sized companies doing more than smaller- sized companies.
a. Describe the population of interest.
b. Describe the sample that was collected.
c. Describe a parameter of interest.
d. Describe the statistic used to estimate the parameter in (c).


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