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Question: The Handit Company manufactures telecommunications

The Handit Company manufactures telecommunications equipment at its plant in Ottawa, Ontario. The company has marketing divisions throughout the world. A Handit marketing division in Vienna, Austria, imports 1,000 units of Product 4A36 from Canada. The following information is available:

Canadian income tax rate on the Canadian division’s operating income …….40%
Austrian income tax rate on the Austrian division’s operating income ……….44%
Austrian import duty ………………………………………………………………………………..10%
Variable manufacturing cost per unit of Product 4A36 …………………………….$350
Full manufacturing cost per unit of Product 4A36 …………………………………..$500
Selling price (net of marketing and distribution costs) in Austria ……………..$750

Suppose the Canadian and Austrian tax authorities only allow transfer prices that are between the full manufacturing cost per unit of $500 and a market price of $650, based on comparable imports into Austria. The Austrian import duty is charged on the price at which the product is transferred into Austria. Any import duty paid to the Austrian authorities is a deductible expense for calculating Austrian income taxes due.

1. Calculate the after-tax operating income earned by the Canadian and Austrian divisions from transferring 1,000 units of Product 4A36 (a) at full manufacturing cost per unit and (b) at market price of comparable imports. (Income taxes are not included in the computation of the cost-based transfer prices.)
2. Which transfer price should the Handit Company select to minimize the total of company import duties and income taxes? Remember that the transfer price must be between the full manufacturing cost per unit of $500 and the market price of $650 of comparable imports into Austria. Explain your reasoning.

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> A number of terms are listed below: Required: Select the terms from the above list to complete the following sentences. The CRA constrains global transfer-pricing choices, and provincial tax authorities constrain the interprovincial transfer-pricing ch

> Anna’s Bakery plans to purchase a new oven with an estimated useful life of four years. The estimated pretax cash flows for the oven are as shown in the table that follows, with no anticipated change in working capital. Annaâ&#128

> StrengthCo is considering an investment of $254,200 in special tools, with a life expectancy of four years and a residual price of $24,000. The tools would be purchased on December 31, 2016, and would enable StrengthCo to manufacture drill bits to very h

> KopiPro is considering the purchase of a photocopying machine for $5,500 on December 31, 2016. It has a useful life of five years and a zero residual disposal price. Depreciation will be applied on a straight-line basis. The cash operating savings are ex

> Describe the accrual accounting rate of return method. What are its main strengths and weaknesses?

> Microdot Inc. sells and distributes computer networking equipment; its overall margin on sales is 10%. Microdot has customers of two kinds: low and high volume. Lowvolume customers on average generate sales for $5,000 per year and the average tenure is f

> Edgeley Inc., a logistics operator located in Concord, Ontario, is considering replacing one of its tractor trailers (informally known as a 53’ truck). The truck was purchased for $64,800 two years ago, has a current book value of $45,600, and a remainin

> Windsor Hospital is a non-tax paying not for profit entity. It estimates that it can save $28,000 a year in cash operating costs for the next 10 years if it buys a special-purpose eye-testing machine at a cost of $110,000. No terminal disposal value is e

> Edilcan Inc. has been offered an automated special-purpose welder (robot) for $60,000. The machine is expected to have a useful life of eight years with a terminal disposal price of $12,000. Savings in cash operating costs are expected to be $15,000 per

> Homer Inc. plans to purchase a new rendering machine for its animation facility. The machine costs $102,500 and is expected to have a useful life of eight years, with a terminal disposal value of $22,500. Savings in cash operating costs are expected to b

> Muskoka Landscaping Ltd. is planning to buy equipment costing $25,000 to improve its services. The equipment is expected to save $8,000 in cash operating costs per year. Its estimated useful life is five years, and it will have zero terminal disposal pri

> Century Lab plans to purchase a new centrifuge machine for its Manitoba facility. The machine costs $137,500 and is expected to have a useful life of eight years, with a terminal disposal value of $37,500. Savings in cash operating costs are expected to

> Presentation Graphics prepares slides and other aids for individuals making presentations. It estimates it can save $42,000 a year in cash operating costs for the next five years if it buys a special-purpose colour-slide workstation at a cost of $90,000.

> Andrews Construction is analyzing its capital expenditure proposals for the purchase of equipment in the coming year. The capital budget is limited to $6,000,000 for the year. Lori Bart, staff analyst at Andrews, is preparing an analysis of the three pro

> New Bio Corporation is a rapidly growing biotech company that has a required rate of return of 12%. It plans to build a new facility in Mississauga, Ontario. The building will take two years to complete. The building contractor offered New Bio a choice o

> List and briefly describe each of the six parts in the capital budgeting decision process.

> Southern Cola is considering the purchase of a special-purpose bottling machine for $23,000. It is expected to have a useful life of four years with no terminal disposal value. The plant manager estimates the following savings in cash operating costs: Y

> Norberto Garcia, general manager of the Argentinean subsidiary of Innovation Inc., is considering the purchase of new industrial equipment to improve efficiency at its Cordoba plant. The equipment has an estimated useful life of five years. The estimated

> Panayiotis, the owner and manager of Micos Ltd., is evaluating the acquisition of new equipment needed to attend a new line of business. He has two alternatives: either buy two small machines or one large and more automatic machine: Required: 1. Determ

> Lethbridge Company runs hardware stores in Alberta. Lethbridge’s management estimates that if it invests $160,000 in a new computer system, it can save $60,000 in annual cash operating costs. The system has an expected useful life of five years and no te

> A number of terms are listed below: Select the terms from the above list to complete the following sentences. The goal of ________________ is to provide capacity in a planned and orderly manner that will match the predicted demand growth of the company

> Describe each of the levers of control and their interrelation with strategy.

> Explain the incentive problems that can arise when employees have to perform multiple tasks as part of their jobs.

> Explain the management accountant’s role in helping organizations design stronger incentive systems for their employees.

> Distinguish among measuring assets based on present value, current cost, and historical cost.

> The net present value method is the preferred method for capital budgeting decisions. Therefore, managers will always use it.” Do you agree? Explain.

> Managers’ control of job projects generally focuses on four critical success factors.” Identify those factors.

> Residual income is not identical to ROI, although both measures incorporate income and investment into their computations.” Do you agree? Explain.

> What factors affecting ROI does the DuPont method highlight?

> Describe economic value added.

> Why should managers consider income tax issues when choosing a transfer-pricing method?

> What are the three general methods for determining transfer prices?

> Describe three criteria you would use to evaluate whether a management control system is effective.

> The Strubel Company currently makes as many units of Part No. 789 as it needs. David Lin, general manager of the Strubel Company, has received a bid from the Gabriella Company for making Part No. 789. Current plans call for Gabriella to supply 1,000 unit

> Fluffy Cupcake Company is considering expanding by buying a new (additional) machine that costs $42,000, has zero terminal disposal value, and has a 10-year useful life. It expects the annual increase in cash revenues from the expansion to be $23,000 per

> What are the six steps in designing an accounting-based performance measure?

> Give two examples of financial performance measures and two examples of nonfinancial performance measures.

> Tandy wanted to issue a check in payment of her rent, due June 1, before leaving on a vacation trip on May 15, but she did not have sufficient funds on deposit in her checking account. Her employer automatically deposits her paycheck to her bank on the l

> Hausen was planning an extensive trip to Europe and wanted to avoid carrying large sums of cash. a. Would you advise Hausen to carry certified checks? b. Would you advise Hausen to carry traveler’s checks? c. Would you advise Hausen to charge his purchas

> Neville had a checking account at her local bank. She wrote out a check to Shin, a maintenance worker, in payment for services he had provided. a. Is Neville the drawee? b. Is Shin the drawee? c. Is her bank the drawee?

> Bolena sold some valuable jewelry to McGovern, whom she had never met before. She was concerned about whether McGovern’s check was good and whether there were sufficient funds on deposit in McGovern’s account to cover it. a. Would a certified check relie

> Brown earned a significant income as a pilot for a major airline. Despite this high income, Brown ran into serious financial difficulties when she invested in a business owned by her brother that failed. Brown filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 to gai

> Travel Junction, a corporation, encounters financial difficulties and files for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. The bankruptcy court approves a reorganization plan to pay back creditors over time and begins monitoring the activities of the business. a. Must


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