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Question: YardScapes Corporation manufactures furniture in

YardScapes Corporation manufactures furniture in several divisions, including the Patio Furniture division. The manager of the Patio Furniture division plans to retire in two years. The manager receives a bonus based on the division’s ROI, which is currently 11%.
One of the machines that the Patio Furniture division uses to manufacture the furniture is rather old, and the manager must decide whether to replace it. The new machine would cost $30,000 and would last ten years. It would have no salvage value. The old machine is fully depreciated and has no trade-in value. YardScapes uses straight-line depreciation for all assets. The new machine, being new and more efficient, would save the company $5,000 per year in cash operating costs. The only difference between cash flow and net income is depreciation. The internal rate of return of the project is approximately 11%. YardScapes Corporation’s weighted-average cost of capital is 6%. YardScapes is not subject to any income taxes.

1. Should YardScapes Corporation replace the machine? Why or why not?
2. Assume that “investment” is defined as average net long-term assets after depreciation. Compute the project’s ROI for each of Year 1 to Year 5. If the Patio Furniture manager is interested in maximizing his bonus, would he replace the machine before he retires? Why or why not?
3. What can YardScapes do to entice the manager to replace the machine before retiring?


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