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Question: Noguchi and his wife purchased a newly

Noguchi and his wife purchased a newly built house that had no lawn or any other landscaping. Over several years, they spent many weekends landscaping with expensive and exotic shrubbery and trees. They also had a large above-ground pool installed in the yard. Because of a transfer to another city, the Noguchis were forced to sell their home. After the sale but before moving away, the Noguchis began uprooting several shrubs and removing the pool to take these with them. The buyer objected to the removal, claiming that the shrubbery and the pool were real property and were included in the sale of the house. Noguchi claimed that the shrubbery and pool were all personal property.
a. Is the shrubbery real property?
b. Is the house real property?
c. Is the pool real property?


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